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3.1 GC

  1. Check carrier gas pressure at the tank to insure there is sufficient gas for the planned runs. Typically, if the tank pressure is about 100 psi or lower, the tank should be changed.
  2. Check column carrier flows. Do NOT heat a column without carrier flow, even if you do not plan to use the column for analyses. Do NOT pull vacuum on a column without carrier flow; that is, do not have the MS pumping on a column with no carrier flow.
  3. If using capillary columns, set split flows to whatever values are needed for your particular method; 60:1 is a typical value.
  4. Be sure all inlets, detectors and other zone temperatures are ON and set to temperatures at or near those used in your analytical method. When you start the ChemStation Software, settings for the temperatures will be downloaded to the GC, but you will save some time by making sure they are ON before you get to that stage.

John S. Riley, DSB Scientific Consulting