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ShotStat 2.0 Target Analysis Software

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ShotStat Version 2.0 for Windows

Graphical Target Analysis Screen Shot
Features in Version 2.0
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ShotStat Graphical Entry Screenshot
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  • Current Release: 2.0.13, Stable
  • Graphical data entry using a mouse to compute group statistics directly from the target.
  • Statistics computed for horizontal (x), vertical (y) and distance from the shooter's point of aim.
  • Export group statistics to spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft Excel and OpenOffice.org Calc.
  • Group Centroid shows computed center of group; comparing this to the shooter's point of aim can help pinpoint site picture or site alignment problems.
  • Group size computed in selected units (inch, cm or entered by user) and Minutes of Angle (MOA).
  • Text data entry for computing statistics for case weights, bullet weights, muzzle velocity ro any data (up to 20 elements) the user has.
  • T-Test and F-Test statistical testing for quantitative load performance comparisons. This can also be used for comparisons of other metrics, such as bullet weight averages, etc.
  • Includes manual in html and pdf formats. The html manual is readable from within ShotStat; the pdf manual can be printed if a hard copy manual is prefered.
  • Per user default configuration.
  • Free Technical Support and Free Upgrade to the next release version.
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Purchasing Information

The sale of the full version of ShotStat is temporarily suspended. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. You can download a Free 2.0.13 Demo. Please note, however, that this demo has limited functionality.

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