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2.2 MS Preparations

  1. Be sure the GC Preparations are done first, specifically that there is carrier gas flow through the column.
  2. Check Oil Level in Roughing Pump. Turn Roughing Pump On. Be sure any gurgling stops within a few seconds. If not, there is a large air leak. Such a leak should be repaired before continuing. See Section 7.1 Vacuum Leak Detection and Repair/Rough Vacuum Leaks.
  3. Be sure heaters and other components are OFF.
  4. Turn on Main Power to the MS. Fans should be audible.
  5. Turn on the heaters and Turbo Pump. You should be able to hear the Turbo Pump spinning up (a high pitched whine that gradually increases pitch).
  6. Wait until the Turbo Pump reaches full speed, as indicated on the meter on the front of the MS.
  7. Continue with the Section 3 Warm Start: Starting from an 'Instrument Stand-by' Condition/MS, Step 3.

John S. Riley, DSB Scientific Consulting