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Scientific Computing User Survey

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Contact Information:

Name:  (not required)

Email Address:  (not required)

Country: (This is needed so we know what percentage of users will need access to US Government regulated codes).

My Computing Needs Include:

  • I would need users to have access to the HPC system via my main account.

  • Regular use
  • Occasional use only when additional computational power is needed

I would use a High Performance Computing system for (please check all that apply):
  • Physics Modeling
  • Chemical System Modeling
  • Biological System Modeling
  • Theoretical Math Computations
  • Engineering Applications
  • Meteorological/Atmospheric Modeling
  • Geological Modeling
  • Parallel Computing Testbed
  • Serial or Parallel Code Development
  • Signal Processing
  • Digital Image Processing (3-D rendering, etc)
  • Educational Demonstrations
  • Other (please specify):
Software I would run on a High Performance Computing system include (please check all that apply):
  • Serial (single CPU) applications
  • Parallel (multiple CPU) applications
  • Commercially licensed software for which I own the exclusive license
  • Commercially licensed software for which the license is owned by DSB Scientific
  • Software I developed and compiled ... I need an HPC system to run the binaries
  • Software I developed and need an HPC to compile and run
  • Any software you can make available to me


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