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DSB offers a variety of computer programming services to the practicing scientist or science educator. Software development rates start at $75/hour.

Network computer programming solutions provided for VPN, LAN, WAN, Client/Server and Intranet applications. In addition, server side scripting solutions are also available.

Software Development Services:

  • Android Development for mobile devices
  • Custom computer simulation and numerical modeling applications
  • Numerical modeling algorithm development
  • Custom data acquisition applications and utilities
  • Custom data analysis applications and utilities
  • Custom databases
  • Web Applications and web interfacing using PHP, Ruby and Ruby on Rails
  • General Utilities
  • Code Library Development (both static linked and dynamic linked libraries for both Linux and Windows)
  • Workstation Applications, single thread and multi-thread
  • Parallel, high performance applications
  • OS migration and porting

Programming Language Experience:

  • Assembly Language (on a variety of x86 and Motorola processors) optimized numerical modeling, hardware interfacing and BIOS level utility routines
  • Data Acquisition and Analysis in the ASYST environment
  • Visual Basic computer simulation, CAD and utility applications
  • C/C++ computer simulation and numerical modeling applications
  • Parallel Routines using SIMD, PVM and MPI
  • Data Analysis macros for HP Chemstation
  • PERL database scripts for web access and utility scripts
  • PHP web based database and utility scripts
  • Ruby on Rails based web development

General Operating System Experience:

  • MS-Dos
  • Unix
  • VMS
  • RSX11
  • Linux (kernel 2.4 and 2.6, KDE/Qt3 and console applications)
  • Windows 3.x, 9x/ME, NT and 2000

Server Admin Experience:

  • Windows 2000/2003: IIS 5.0/6.0, WarFTP
  • Linux: apache, ipop3, named, sendmail, vsftp, imapd qmail, ssh, samba, nfs, kerberos, rshd, nqs, mysql, OpenSwan and others

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